We are a family owned and operated workshop that specializes in bringing a wide variety of fantasy creations to life.

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Most of our inspiration comes from the great works of literature and the likes of Walt Disney and Jim Henson. 

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Storybrook Hollow

Whimsical Wares

Preposterous Peculiarities


Everything we sell has been handmade by a member of the shop family. If we can dream it - we can create it.

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Because you never outgrow the wonders of imagination

Once upon a time there was a small cottage in the forest by a brook.  The wind whispered through the tall pine trees, the brook bubbled merrily along over mossy stones, and honeybees buzzed peacefully by on their way to the flowers in the apple orchard.  That is where the magic began. 

In fantasy and fairy tale stories, tales of lands completely unlike our own, there is a certain feeling that never goes away. It creeps up into your heart, letting you know that it’s all right to smile, laugh, and daydream again.

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Magical Makings